Re’s Judicata and PrawfsBlawg

Soon after I started Re’s Judicata, Dan Markel invited me to guest blog at PrawfsBlawg, where I’ve been cross-posting since last summer. Though I had only recently met him, Dan was already acting as a friend and mentor. That’s the kind of person he was.

The folks over at Prawfs have now kindly invited me to join their blog, and I’ve agreed. Meanwhile, Re’s Judicata will stay up and running. Basically, instead of cross-posting at Prawfs, I’ll simply be cross-posting my blogging content here.

Thanks very much for reading my blog, and thanks also to the many people who have made my blogging better. I’m always grateful for your comments and feedback, both online and off!


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3 responses to “Re’s Judicata and PrawfsBlawg

  1. pvine

    While I have, on occasion, disagreed with your posts, I must state that your comments have been among the most in-depth, well thought out, and substantive that I have ever read in a legal blog. There is no doubt, your legal acumen is among the best of the best academics in America. Good luck at PrawfsBlawg. They are lucky to have you as a full-time blogger.

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